iOS安全与隐私技术实战(iOS Security and Privacy Workshop)


iOS Security and Privacy Workshop
Course #:APL-iOS201-090
Duration: 4 Hours

Whether a company is deep into its deployment of iOS or just beginning the journey, security and privacy come up in every deployment conversation. In this four-hour workshop, participants learn about security and privacy technologies that are built into iOS so they’re ready to discuss why the Apple platform is the best choice for business mobility.

• Identify the security and privacy posture for a device after the completion of Setup Assistant
• Explain the importance of a device passcode in protecting user and company data
• Describe the built-in features of iOS that help keep user and company data separate
• Identify strategies to ensure that data is encrypted when sent over networks to trusted hosts
• Respond to misconceptions related to iOS security and privacy
• Help plan the security and privacy strategy for a successful iOS deployment

• IT professionals who are responsible for deploying and managing iOS devices
• Technical sales professionals who assist customers in deciding to purchase iOS devices


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