AJAX强化培训课程(Fast Track to AJAX)


Course Specifications

Course number: FIG0004
Course length: 3 days

Course Description

Delivery Method:  Instructor-led training

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introducing the Course
Topic 1A: Course Format
Topic 1B: What is AJAX?
Topic 1C: Examples of AJAX
Topic 1D: Benefits of AJAX
Topic 1E: Limitations with AJAX
Topic 1F: AJAX vs. Flash


Lesson 2: Advanced JavaScript
Topic 2A: Working with Complex Data Types – Arrays and Objects
Topic 2B: The JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)
Topic 2C: Referencing Form Fields and Values
Topic 2D: Working with <iframe>
Topic 2E: Binding JavaScript Methods to Data Objects (Prototyping)


Lesson 3: Using Scripting to Dynamically Change Page Contents
Topic 3A: Generating JavaScript with ColdFusion
Topic 3B: Using JSString Format() to Escape Bad Characters
Topic 3C: Representing Complex ColdFusion Data Types in JavaScript
Topic 3D: Using the innerHTML Method to Modify Content on a Page
Topic 3E: Binding JavaScript Methods to Data Objects


Lesson 4: Interacting with the Server
Topic 4A: Passing Information From the Browser’s DOM to ColdFusion
Topic 4B: Making Background Server Requests Using <iframe>
Topic 4C: Transmitting Complex Data Types to the Server
Topic 4D: Using the XMLHttpPRequest Object


Lesson 5: Using Adobe Spry
Topic 5A: Spry Overview
Topic 5B: Installing Spry
Topic 5C: Retreating Data with Spry
Topic 5D: Working with Data
Topic 5E: Working with JSON
Topic 5F: Debugging Spry
Topic 5G: Spry Widgets
Topic 5H: UI Widgets
Topic 5I: Loading Data into Spry Fields
Topic 5J: Posting Form Data from Spry


Lesson 6: Google Mashups
Topic 6A: Introductions to Mashups
Topic 6B: Getting Started with Google Maps
Topic 6C: Google Map Basics
Topic 6D: Programatically Geocoding addresses
Topic 6E: Making Background Server Requests to CF8
Topic 6F: Defining Map Markers
Topic 6G: Responding to User Events


Lesson 7: The ColdFusion 8 AJAX Framework
Topic 7A: ColdFusion 8 AJAX Features
Topic 7B: Debugging ColdFusion AJAX Applications
Topic 7C: UI Tags
Topic 7D: Fetching Data Using <cfsprydataset>
Topic 7E: Invoking Server-Side Methods with <cfajaxproxy>
Topic 7F: Field Binding
Topic 7G: Using AJAX Enabled Form Elements


Lesson 8: Developing Applications with jQuery
Topic 8A: Introduction to jQuery
Topic 8B: Deploying jQuery
Topic 8C: Locating Objects with Selectors
Topic 8D: Dynamically Changing Object Attributes
Topic 8E: Changing Page Content without a Page Reload
Topic 8F: Modifying CSS
Topic 8G: Binding Functions to Events
Topic 8H: jQuery Effects
Topic 8I: Working with Datasets / Background Data Requests
Topic 8J: Working with the UI Library – Interactions and Widgets
Topic 8K: Using and Creating jQuery Plugins


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